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Women who dare to Desire is an anthology of stories of 9 daring women who have dared to desire to follow the beat of their hearts.

The book is a beautiful journey of self-discovery and encourages every woman who reads it to go on their own daring journey to remember who they are. Through each chapter and each story, the readers become the heroine of their own daring transformation and awakening. The book is a delightful journey full of interactions between each author and the readers. Each author shares beautiful practices and exercises to allow the reader to experience the journey they went on in their own way. This book is full of surprises and will motivate you to create your own legacy through your story.

This book will change your life

Brenda GabrielFame PR Queen

Introduced by Debora Luzi

Debora is a word alchemist,
author and speaker.

Debora is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to own their voices and gifts online and onstage.

She is the founder of The Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs and The Women who dare to desire conferences.

Meet the daramazing authors

Elisa Colangeli is a figurative artist who mainly portrays women. She has developed her original and insightful approach to female portraiture based on the study of archetypes. Her emotional, dreamlike paintings represent a tribute to the beauty of the soul.
Elisa has created a unique painting for the book that will delight you.

Tina Eloise is an international feminine embodiment and liberation mentor.
She is the creator of The Sacred Scream Ceremony and Somatic Shadow Work, a powerful modality using the body and expression to heal and create the life you want.

Gaia Sciaranghella is an intuitive, a mentor for life transformation, a guide and educator who specialises in practices for mind-body balance, energy healing, spiritual awareness and personal development. She is the founder of The Awakening of Gaia.

Sara Annes Matos is a guide, a speaker and an artist based in London. She aims to help people expand into freedom of self-expression by embracing all they are and unleashing their hidden potency.

Dorothy Watt is a transformational homeopath and holistic wellness advocate.
Dorothy grew up intending to be a research scientist. However, during her Cambridge University science degree she decided she preferred working with people, celebrating their uniqueness and individual differences.

Julie Maigret Shapiro is an international soul purpose career coach. Her work ” Women who stay in the game” inspires midlife women to share their unique gifts with the world. She has expertise in ( and passion for) Leadership and Learning & Development.

Lucia Margarida Pestana is a catalyst for life and business transformation. In the past ten years, she built a very successful career as a human resource professional; she has been labelled a trailblazer in the industry for her contribution to employee engagement and as an advocate for Investors in People.

Loredana Thoenig Romanian born, Greek in her heart, living in Spain, Loredana is a certified Women’s Empowerment Coach and founder of FiloGynia, a successful brand of natural supplements for women.

This book will wake you up, shake you up, and lift you up in the juiciest way!

Leza LowitzAmerican expatriate author and yoga teacher
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