Thank you for sharing this very special day with us, at the Women Who Dare to Desire Conference on Saturday 9th March 2024

Here are some gifts and offers for you from our daramazing speakers and facilitators.

We are so excited for you and cannot wait to hear about the daring transformations that will happen in your life after attending our conference.

Here are some very special gifts from our speakers:

Caterina Bernardini

Businesswoman, entrepreneur and speaker Caterina empowers women over 40 to discover their true identity, turn down the noise of uncertainty, and discover the liberating power of NO.

Caterina is gifting a FREE personality test followed by a 15 minutes call to help you understand your strengths and challenges, limited to 6 people.

Email Caterina to claim your spot:

Lia Bartsocas

Lia, a former lawyer, is a PCC certified Master and Mental Health with ICF. She is an entrepreneur, inner child expert and motivational speaker.

Lia empowers professionals to overcome fears and create a career and life they desire.

She is offering a wonderful e-book, ” Overcoming Fear & Pivoting to Purpose”.

Email Lia at to claim the FREE e-book.

Magnolia Pretell

Magnolia is a professional in human genetics, founder of a multi genetics consultancy. As a DNA wellness she empowers women by unravelling the secrets encoded in their genes.

Magnolia is offering an exclusive 20% discount on DNA testing, with 1:1 consultations and personalised recommendations.

Email her at to redeem this offer.

Lidia Molina 

Lidia is a parent coach, founder of the No drama parenting method and CEO of Parenteen. Lidia empowers parents with challenging teenagers and teenagers suffering from self-harm and suicide with skills that can save their lives.

Lidia is gifting you her free e-book ” 3 reasons why you cannot connect with your teens and how to change it”.

Download it here

Stacey Lattimer

Stacey is an aspiring mentor for children with challenging behaviours and emotions.

Stacey is inviting you to join her FREE FB group for mothers and children.

Acces her FREE group here.

Zsu Foroszan

Zsu is a fine artist, art tutor, therapist and healer.She is the founder of TigerZsu art and wellness.

Zsu has a vision to make a difference to people’s lives through art, creativity and natural healing methods.

Zsu is gifting free art coaching and aromatherapy consultations

Book here

Sarah Rose Bright

Sarah is a love, sex and intimacy coach, host of the Love, Sex and Intimacy podcast. She is also a Gene Keys guide. Her mission is to help women and couples reset their sex and intimate lives to enhance their lives.

Sarah is gifting a 1 hour call to explore what is posible for love, sex and intimacy in your life.

Book the Call here

Nicola Harker

Nicola is a Doctor, a coach and teacher of compassion. She loves to coach ambitious women who are fed up with the cycle of burnout to have more impact without losing themselves in the process.

Nicola’s gift is a FREE video series on how to get rid of overwhelm

Access it here

Vicki Chisholm

Vicki is a Psychic, Business strategist and energy healer. She had taught over 30,000 students. She is a Top podcast host and Amazon Best selling Author. She went from £10 an hour as a VA to own a successful 6 figures Business.

Vicki is gifting you £200 off her powerful course: Personal Power Program. You only invest £22 with code DARAMAZING24

Access here

Anna Caterina Florio 

Anna is a Transformational Coach who supports the emotional wellbeing of men going through separation or divorce AND of Women coming out of narcissistic relationships. She is also a Sekhem Master and Teacher Healer.

Anna is gifting  30 minutes discovery calls. To book one follow the link on her website.

Book here

Patience Ogunbona

Patience is an accredited Executive Business, leadership coach, keynote speaker and best selling author. She works with introverted women over 40’s to late 50’s to overcome self-doubt and build confidence.


Download her freebie: Navigate overwhelm and harness your introvert strenght, QUIZ

Take the Quiz Here

Ashish Paul 

Dr Ashish Paul is a qualified Ayurvedic Physician for 30 years (BAMS- Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery) and a Medical Herbalist for 20 years (MSc Herbal Medicine). She is a Master NLP/Hypnosis Practitioner and a trained Dynamic Yoga Teacher for 15 years.

Ashish is gifting her free e-book: Rejuvenating YOU, using natural remedies

Access here

Tina Eloise

Tina is a renowned Feminine Liberation & Embodiment Mentor & Creator of the Sacred Scream Ceremony.

Tina is gifting her fabulous course Embodied Eloquence, a  Feminine Leader’s Guide to Nervous System Wisdom. You can get it for £27 instead of £97.

Access here

Teresa Filice

Teresa is a Shaman and Medicine Woman. She is not your ordinary healer; she has been trained in the ancient medicine of the Q’ero Indians of Peru.

She is gifting you a teaching of how to open your 8th Chakra.

Access here

Sabina Astolfi

Sabina is a Voice Coach, Singer, Mantra Yogini and Voice healing Facilitator. She helps people liberate their unique expression through their voice.

Sabina is gifting a free online workshop, on Zoom, on Friday 12th April at 4pm UK time; ” Unlock your voice, embrace the Joy, Unleash the Magic”. To book your seat email Sabina at:

Debora Luzi, Your Daring HOST

Debora is a word lover, public speaker trainer and bestselling author. Her mission is to guide any woman to fully own who they are, their voice, and their gifts and share it unapologetically online and onstage.

She is the founder of The Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs, and The Daring Woman – Networking and Masterminding.

Debora is offering 11 more spaces in The Daring Woman networking membership at £25 monthly. Grab yours below.

Grab your spot here