Learn the art of storytelling for your Business and start attracting your SOUL clients


Recorded Masterclass


A Potent and creative masterclass to learn the art of storytelling, attract the right clients to you through stories and create a beautiful ripple effect.


There is a storyteller in you ready to be unleashed and talk, write, and share their story from a place of victory and empowerment.
There is a storyteller in you who is bursting with passion for sharing their story and building more meaningful connections with your audience.

Do you feel like you were not born a storyteller?

Do you feel lost when sharing your story and need clarification on what story to tell?

Do you look at other people’s way of storytelling, and you secretly wish telling stories could become easy and natural for you too?

Are you tired of listening to people who say “Stories sell”, but you feel icky to share yours and use them for your Business?

I hear you.

I had these beliefs too, and so did my students and clients.

Humans have been telling stories since the beginning of time.

Stories have been passed on to generations and can change the curse of someone else and Business if shared with love and conviction.

Stories are often responsible for people building trust with others and understanding if someone is for you or not.

Stories are often the most important factor of why people CHOOSE you.

“Debora, I did not know what you would teach, but I read your story yesterday and felt you were speaking to me.
So I knew I had to be here”.

A comment from a client of one of the in-person Business workshops I organised,

Many entrepreneurs and business owners need to share their stories more.
Unfortunately, people believe that having their story on the about us page of their website is enough. It is not.

I often see too much value in social media and very few stories.
When I do, I always wonder who the person behind the value is, what her story is, where she comes from, and how she got there.

Let me teach you how to start writing inspiring and life-changing stories that will bring your clients closer to you and invest in your life-changing offers.

I desire to become a TELLER OF STORIE

"Before I met you, I did not know I could turn an everyday story into a sale post with so much ease."


"I admire the way you approach vulnerability and how you teach it to us."


"I never knew I could write this way, until I met you."


"This way of writing is unleashing something in me."


In this masterclass,

You will learn

How to pick

any story and make it exciting and motivating for your audience

How to create

your brand story, and different stories related to your message and offers

My vulnerability framework

that teaches how to share vulnerability in different stages

How to sell

through stories in a way that feels natural and empowering to you and your audience

How to make

your stories engaging and stand out from others

How to apply

storytelling in both your written and spoken content

  • 90 minutes masterclass
  • Plus, a special Recorded LIVE Q&A where Debora’s give so much value
  • And a dedicated FB group for support

Special price of £47