A 5 month mastermind to expand to your next level of income and impact and fully embody your magic

Your soul is ready to expand and stretch beyond the limitations of the human mind for a bigger purpose,

Your soul is ready to become whole

Your body is ready to feel alive, to respond, to guide you

Your energy is ready to expand and touch the millions of possibilities available to you in the quantum field

Your expansion is not about doing more and hassling more, it is about your capacity to receive and hold more in your life.

When a woman expands the whole world expands with her, she becomes the north star.

  • Have you been feeling lost lately in your business? Trying anything with little results?
  • Have you been climbing mirrors helpless, hoping to see more results?
  • Have you been feeling there is something wrong with you because everybody else seems more successful than you?
  • Has your heart been hitching for something more? 

You desire to make a bigger impact, to bring more abundance in your business because you know you can. You feel it that you can. You deeply know it.

Your expansion is about the fullest expression of your soul

It is about accessing what is available to you in every moment, especially the things that you do not see because you secretly doubt, fear you do not deserve them.

Your expansion is about navigating the uncomfortable with grace like a true leader.

The Expansive Woman

is the woman
ready to DARE,
ready to DESIRE,
ready to LEAP no matter what!


There will be a time when your expansion will feel inevitable like the caterpillar stretching uncomfortably in the sticky mess, knowing that if she only trusts a bit more, if she only carries on a bit more….she will expand to become the beautiful butterfly she is meant to be.

The expansive woman is your calling for more growth, more impact, more abundance in your business and life.

a 5 month powerful container where you will experience the stretch and growth you have been yearning for.

We as women are called to rise, to lead, to feel part of this beautiful sisterhood of leaders who are going to illuminate the world with our passions and talents

The Expansive Woman 5 month mastermind   🌷 

The Expansive Woman 5 month mastermind   🌷 

The Expansive Woman 5 month mastermind   🌷 

The Expansive Woman 5 month mastermind   🌷 

The Expansive Woman 5 month mastermind   🌷 

The Expansive Woman 5 month mastermind   🌷 

The Expansive Woman 5 month mastermind   🌷 

The Expansive Woman 5 month mastermind   🌷 

What you get:

  • A dedicated FB group for the duration of the mastermind for support
  • 2 mastermind live calls a month on zoom
  • Weekly expansive homework and theme
  • monthly expansive actions to support your growth
  • 1 healing session a month focused at shifting your beliefs around growth, worthiness and receiving more, including DNA activation
  • Monthly focused marketing strategies to accompany the shifts and expansion you will be experiencing from day one
  • Voxer group weekly support LIVE
  • 5 Potent Live meditations and activation including:
  • Receiving activation, Money Activation, Trust Activation, Expansion Activation and Quantum Possibilities Activation
  • EXTRA BONUS: access to all of Debora’s paid program for the duration of the mastermind

This is a very interactive powerful experience that will completely change the way you show up, you hold your energy and surf the many downfalls and challenges that your business will face so that you can be ready to RECEIVE more, and HOLD more income in your business.

You will become used to sit in the discomfort and crave for more impact.

You are called to rise, to expand, to trust the process.

There is no other way, but the way for you to stretch and become the butterfly you were meant to be.

It is time to awaken The Expansive Woman in you.


What it is like to work with Debora:

” I knew this REAL container would be etxraordinary, but it exceeded my expectations.

I think it was one of the most powerful programs I’ve done in a long time. Having access to Debora and her energy constantly made a huge difference. I know these learnings will stay with me forever and I will continue with the energy routine.”

Ania K.


“The program was an abosulety incredible experience. Debora helped me to push me out of my comfort zone. I increased my confidence and I have created a new program which went from idea to launch in 4 days. She helped me connect to my idea and believe in it. I put the program out there and I sold it out. This is something that I would have not had the courage to do if I had not joined Debora’s program”

Noleen S.

6 monthly installments


677.00 £
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4 monthly installments


977.00 £
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One off payment


3,777.00 £
One off payment