The what, who, where and how of using content to grow your business and impact millions with your online presence.

Understand the matrix of posting online and creating attractive content that will magnetize your clients with ease

FREE training and Live Q&A with the Content Queen Debora Luzi

Monday and Tuesday 22nd and 23rd of August 2022

I desire to enter the Content Matrix

Are these questions preventing you from posting online and growing your business?

Where do I post?

When do I post?

What do I post?

How do I post?

After delivering content training to thousands of people, I realized that the above questions are what prevent people from posting online, growing their audience and selling their services.

There is so much confusion around the online world, and many fears and doubts that prevent millions of entrepreneurs from growing their business in the powerful and free online world.

It is time to put a stop to this…

Let me give you the cure to your content headaches and dilemmas…

I have been posting successfully for the last 6 years, magnetizing clients to my offers, building beautiful connections and inspiring thousands with my words.

It is not difficult at all to do this online once you understand a few content principles and tap into your own desires of how you wish to make an impact.

The Content Matrix is our ultimate free training that will help you to:

  • understand the most appropriate platforms for your business
  • create a unique and personalized content routine that suits your needs and desires
  • create an intuitive and strategic content plan according to what you are ready to promote
  • define your content style and content voice
  • craft different types of content with ease out of thin air
  • repurpose your content for these rainy days
  • understand how to sell your offers through content

Your host, in all of her “daramazing” energy:

Debora Luzi, the Daring Inner Voice Mentor is passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to speak and write their truest most authentic voices so that their clients can find and choose them. She is the founder of The Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs, a supportive and educative premium community that helps entrepreneurs fall in love with writing for their businesses and make money from it.

Debora is a word lover, passionate about creating massive ripple effects through the power of words. From 0 following and no idea how to show up, Debora went to get noticed very quickly in the crazy online crowd and sell out her products and services by using ONLY the power of creative content.
She truly struggled at first when she entered the online world. She had no confidence, and she used to compare herself to more successful people and believe there was no space for her vulnerable, truthful, and passionate voice online.

Debora’s power and success lie in her creativity, authenticity and belief that her message and mission are more potent than her fears and limitations.

The Content Matrix is all you need to know to start creating powerful content, create a content style and routine that suits YOU, and finally attract clients to your offers.

All the pieces of the content puzzle will finally fall into place, and writing content will become a joy and your number one way to grow the powerful business you were born to run.

What they say: