Master the art of content writing for your business and start attracting clients who are eager to invest in your offers.

I desire to be in the HIVE Debora!

Writing content has never felt so freeing, magnetising….and sweet!

You continue to inspire me since I decided to step in your energy last fall. You helped me to come out of my shell with your teachings and show me every day how to be committed and loyal to my own words. If you are not in Debora’s space yet, you better be.

G. S.

You are a copy genius I swear.

A. B.

No one has ever taught me to nail my message the way you do it.

T. F.

Content Hive is the revolutionising community where you will learn all about content creation and you will start falling in love with writing for your business.

Because no one can write as good as you, even if you think you were not born under the writing star.

There is a daramazing writer in you ready to be unleashed, ready to fully express itself and start to change many more lives with your offers.

Debora’s way with words and making you get them out is literally mind-blowing, you will love it.

V. K.
I desire to be in the HIVE Debora!

I believe that the most powerful content is the one that comes directly from our hearts and intuition. The one that comes with ease and joy and that will help your future clients deeply connect with you, trust you and ultimately invest in your services.


a place where you can get writing inspiration and grow your confidence as a writer.

a place where you can learn how to write attractive and powerful content that converts?

a place where you can practice and create your monthly content in a very strategic and intuitive way.

Writing content is one of the main reasons why entrepreneurs do not sell enough,
show up enough, or build a strong presence on social media.

No matter how much you learn about business and sales, ultimately you will always come back to writing content if you want to promote yourself and make a bigger impact.

Hundreds of my students have gone from completely hiding and not knowing what to write about to showing up passionately and writing content that turns heads.

I love Debora’s unique and refreshing approaches to social media posting, marketing and attention-grabbing visibility for business.

V. R.

I have to say the call today was super amazing, you are not the Content Queen by accident.

A. B.

7 more people signed up.

A. S.

Are you feeling lost when it comes to writing content?

Are you avoiding showing up at all as you do not feel confident in your words?

Are you scared of being judged as ‘ salesly” so you avoid promoting yourself altogether?

The Content Hive is the place.

A membership where you will:

Get into the writing flow and forget about those writing blocks

Understand the dynamics of Content creation and Sale content

Grow your confidence to start posting online and own your voice and your offers fully

Learn how to write sale content with ease

What you will get:

  • A dedicated exclusive group to network with other amazing entrepreneurs and ask for support
  • 31 days of strategic content writing to help you build authority in your field and sell your offers with ease
  • A monthly Live Q&A session with the Queen of Content, Debora Luzi to plan your content strategies and ask any questions related to offerings, content and sale
  • A monthly writing practice session with support coach Lucia Pestana on zoom
  • A monthly Breakthrough implementation session to give life to your ideas, create a plan to sell your offers and creates a lots of daramazing actions. Delivered by our fabulous support coach Lucia Pestana.
  • A content planner workbook with a weekly theme and personalised content
  • A creative writing prompt per week
  • A content training every two months


Monthly Plan

£47 monthly*

*Minimum commitment 3 months

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Annual Plan

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