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The 3 mistakes you cannot afford to make on a sales conversation

Do you cringe at the only thought of going into sales conversations?

I certainly did. I used to cheer inside when a potential client would cancel our sales conversation as I did not want to face selling. I hated it!

I had so many no’s, rejections, “not for me thanks” when I started my business.
I remember having 13’s no in a row before getting 4 YESES in a row!

I had to so many sales conversations and I certainly learned a thing or two about how to structure them and especially what to say and what not to say.

And today I want to share this knowledge with you by bringing you a quick, and educational video about:

“The 3 mistakes you cannot afford to make on a sales conversation”

There is so much gold in this video.

I share many tips which you can start implementing straight away and start getting many more YESES!

Are you ready?
I knew it!

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Much love and daring love to you for now.

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