A 3-day online experience to unleash the impactful speaker in you, be remembered for years to come and create profitable and impactful talks. 

Do you wish you could speak with more ease?
Do you secretly wish that you could be more confident and articulate on stage or during presentations?
Do you know deep inside that there is a daramazing speaker in you who wants to get out and inspire the world?

I have gone to many speaking events and the people I remember who made an impact are sadly only a few.

I truly believe that the speaking world has too many rules and regulations and that a true deep connection to the self is missing.

Debora, I will remember your speech forever.

If I could give you a prize for your speech, I would, you were extraordinary.

Are you the lady that spoke at the last event? Omg, I only remember your speech.

Something I learnt from my old days of acting and from owning my voice and my message is that speaking from the heart and with passion is paramount to make a massive impact.

I speak from the heart, I speak with passion, I do not follow templates, I speak using different storytelling tools and improvisation tools which I learnt throughout my years at acting schools and by simply being myself.

I have been feeling the calling lately to break the mold of public speaking and help people create their own mold, their own way, by igniting their own style and this big passion somehow hidden.

Steal The Stage

Our exciting ONLINE LIVE experience is like nothing you have done before.

LIVE on a private, exclusive group

From Monday 2nd October 2023


Steal the stage Is the answer to a new way of public speaking which feels easy, fun and passionate.
Steal the stage is the answer to dull speeches and the initiation of a speaking style that will be remembered for years to come.

People will not remember what you sell, they will remember how you make them feel.

So it is important that you know how to engage your audience, how to keep them on their toes, eager to know more…

Public speaking or presentations speaking is like taking your audience on a beautiful journey of knowing you, trusting you and making them feel something that deeply awakens them.

I am here to teach you all I know about my own way of speaking which has been praised and acknowledged around the globe.

3 days together to learn:

How to use your voice and your body to make a lasting impact

How to prepare yourself for the speaking gig of your life

How to choose what to say and how to say it, crafting your signature talk and identifying your signature voice

How to use pauses and expressions

How to deal with nervousness on stage and word blocks

3 days together in a private group to build your confidence, find your voice and your speaking style

The three days will be highly interactive as all of my experiences are and you will get a lot of opportunities to practice and learn from your fellow participants too.

Are you ready to unleash the potent and divine speakers in you?

If you were looking for a teacher to show you how, here I am.

I have appeared.

See you there.