A 5-week immersion into finding your most impactful voice,  becoming your most successful speaker and learn the art of selling from the stage, and through potent presentations

Discover the power of your voice and presence,
Heal your stories around speaking your truth
Deeply connect to your message and start sharing it
in a way that will be remembered for years to come

Learn how to sell when you speak in the most aligned way

Learn a new art of Public Speaking that will revolutionize your whole World and those of your audience.


A 5-week group program starting June 2024
Where soul, energy and passion meet your voice and presence

I am so ready for this

Do you have enough of remaining silent because you believe you are not a great speaker?

Do you secretly desire to make an impact when you present your business and share your message, but you do not know how?

Do you wish you could just sell with ease and create a huge impact when you speak?

  • You have a big desire in your heart to be heard, to teach, to create a beautiful ripple effect with your message, but everytime you try to speak, you tone your whole being down, and you doubt yourself.
  • You wish you could bring all your glory to your speech
  • You wish you could speak with so much grace and conviction that the whole room stop just to listen
  • You wish that your message and impact will live in people’s hearts once you leave the room.
  • You wish that people would start trusting you and choosing you because you are so magnetizing, radiating brilliance and wisdom when you speak.

It’s time to stop wishing and make your desires real.

Mastering the art of public speaking and presentation is one of the best ways to deeply connect to your audience, and communicate your message in a way that will instantly land in the mind and heart of your audience.

I remember the first time I met her.
It was at an online networking event…
The type of networking event that takes a specific path, is structured and is mostly a repeat from the last meeting.
Until she spoke and presented!
Everyone stopped and listened.
You could see every person on-screen look up.
She had us transfixed.
She is passionate and sincere.
Anna. A.

It was truly amazing. I knew on your challenge that you would open up the parts of me that had remained stuck for years despite training with the best - each of whom I learned a lot from and were part of my journey. I was not disappointed. The approach to selling that you discussed has got me out of it. rut. The ways you use stories have, at last, transformed my speaking.
And at last I have found a way to use the humour that was missing from my talks. This experience will totally transform my Business! Watch this space...

Alison G.

Debora, I will remember your speech forever
Maria G.

If I could give you a prize for the most impactful speech, I would
Mirela S.

I am so ready for this

a 5-week program for you, beautiful soul, who desires to:

grow your confidence

when speaking in public, and finally ditch the belief that you are not a good speaker

find your own speaking style

that reflects your personality and that is truly unique to you ( even if you are an introvert, you can be the most impactful speaker)

heal your stories around speaking

your truth and fully expressing your voice. Calm your nerves and be ready to speak on any occasions

learn how to lead an audience

with your presence

learn how to use your body

to create a profound harmony between your visible expression and your inner expression

create your signature talk

through an interactive speaking session

improvise the most impactful talk

out of nowhere when needed by understanding the main ingredients of an impactful speech

learn how become magnetic and irresistible

learn the art of becoming magnetic and have people desiring to be in your world and investing in your offers

learn the art of selling in the most natural way

tap into a fun, exciting, passionate way of selling your offers on stage and during presentations that will make you want to sell with ease and excitement all the time

Your stage host, in all her soulful presence

Debora, I completely understood what you were trying to say; I felt you so much; I was so intrigued by how you moved around and engaged your eyes to make us understand your world!

These were the words of Debora's acting teacher.

Debora is one of the most passionate and articulate speakers who, according to many of her audience, is “One to be remembered for years to come.”

Debora studied theatre acting from a young age and was always given one of the main characters in plays.

When she immigrated to the UK, she tried to join an acting school, but her poor English stopped her from fully expressing herself. So she soon discovered that her body, facial expression and ability to improvise and enchant an audience with her moving presence became her number one strength.

She incorporated all her skills into public speaking and presenting herself to others.
To her surprise, she created a new way of public speaking that is fresh, exciting, and fully engages an audience.

She organizes Women’s conferences to give a voice to women around the World who do not necessarily have any stage or public speaking experience.

Debora believes that anyone is a natural and impactful speaker when guided to connect to their potent inner speaker.

Debora is on a mission to teach a different style of public speaking, which goes beyond structures and cold approaches but engages the body, the heart and the soul.

You were born to impact millions with your voice
Speak it

Get out of your mind and grow the confidence you have been dreaming of holding.
You can.

The speaker in you is just waiting to be unleashed.

I am ready to set it free, and you?

This is the journey I will be taking you onto:

WEEK 1: deep dive into the resonance and pitch of your voice. We will explore your voice's projection, rhythm and uniqueness. I will share potent exercises to prepare your stage voice and grow your confidence

WEEK 2: We will embody the presence and strength of a potent speaker, connecting the body and the mind and creating a solid and confident stage presence. We will look at how to deal with mental blocks and stage freezes.

WEEK 3: We will dive into a powerful speech and presentation structure. I will give you all the ingredients to add so you can create any speech effortlessly in the most aligned way. I will share many different ways of creating your own powerful speech

WEEK 4: Deep dive into the art of selling on stage and during presentations. We will cover different types of selling, some more direct and some more indirect, in order for you to find your own rhythm.

WEEK 5: Speak by Design. We will have a deep dive into using Human Design to maximise your stage persona and style. This will be so interesting and eye-opening for you.

PLUS BONUS HEALING CALL with Debora Luzi. We will dive deep into healing your throat and heart chakra and healing the stories around you speaking your truth, and fully own your greatness on stage from a place of empowerment.

PLUS BONUS SAMPLE TALKS We will deliver different types of example talks throughout the program so that you can see all the different teachings into action

The curtain to the Soulful speaker stage will be open, and you will get a chance to practice your speech or presentation and get direct feedback from Debora and your peers. We will gather on our Special ZOOM STAGE.

Somatic guest expert to help you regulate your nervous system around body image, nervousness, and confidence.

This program will be the beginning of the world hearing and seeing who you indeed are and witnessing you in all your magnificence, ready to create the most spectacular ripple effect.

I desire to Speak with Soul


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Speaking with Soul VIP program

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The World is waiting to hear your VOICE.

Can you feel the burning desire in your heart?