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Elevate your visibility, grow your confidence, unleash your creativity and attract an abundance of clients while having fun and being YOU!

Join this new, exciting and creative 30 day reels challenge starting Monday 22nd April 2024

SI! I desire this!

Have you been wanting to be more visible in a way that excites you and inspires your creativity?

Are you bored of the usual same old content?

Are you ready to attract a new wave of soul clients inspired by your being you?

This challenge is not just another tick the box challenge, it’s a life changing experience that will take you into the depth of who you are.

  • This challenge will deeply connect you to your creative essence
  • Help you get clarity on your message 
  • Give you ideas to sell your offers in creative and fun ways
  • Help you build your authority 
  • And gain more followers on the way.

Create magnetic and creative REELS for 30 days to grow your business and sell your impactful offers

I have recently adventured on a 365 day challenge which changed everything for me.

I accepted the challenge of doing a REEL every day for 365 days.

I committed daily to tapping into my creativity and showing up for my mission and purpose, even when all I wanted to do was hide my face. ( You will learn that the magic of reels is that you can create exciting content without being on camera, opppssss!)

This journey has been a journey of self-discovery and self-power, one of the most profound I have ever adventured on.

I am now ready to take other daramazing souls into a 30 day REEL journey with me where I will share all my secrets, ideas, and strategies that helped me build more trust and authority with my audience, sell- out my beautiful offers and share my vision to inspire others.

  • Doing reels, taught me about who I am, how I want to be seen and heard in the world
  • It helped me sell my offers with ease and fun
  • It helped me win so many fears around not being good enough, having nothing to say
  • It ignited the most creative and passionate self.

AND NOW I want you to experience the journey too.

I promise you, Content will start feeling so exciting and fun

A few testimonials

This is the journey we will adventure on together and what is included:

  • An exciting FB community of like minded people eager to take their visibility and confidence to the next level
  • How to start Reeling, “how to” training covering basic and more advanced features
  • Daily accountability
  • Daily Reels prompt ideas
  • Weekly check in and motivations
  • A lot of creative learnings and idea on the way
  • One LIVE Q&A with the Daring Queen of Visibility Debora Luzi
I am READY to tap into my REEL creativity

Are you ready to welcome this beautiful creative side of you and start attracting many clients ready to choose you, as you and your content will become so magnetic and unique?

See you there, daring soul.

I am READY to tap into my REEL creativity