Masterclass – How to connect to your ideal clients with ease, without feeling salesly




Connections is the number 1 thing that will help you bring more clients in your business.

You still do not connect enough or are avoiding connections to avoid rejections.

Connecting can feel invasive, pushy, salelsy…..
But is the only way for you to build relationships that will potentially lead to more sales, more opportunities, more collaborations and more.

Connecting is an art a very personal and unique art.
I do not believe in scripts or templates when it comes to connecting, but pure genuine connecting from the heart.

Connections can potentially bring you:

  • more opportunities
  • more clients
  • more Business growth
  • more confidence
  • more followings
  • more referrals

“I love it! GOLD!
Debora, I just finished watching your Connect to Soul Clients Masterclass and I loved it! You know I’m not new to this, but honestly? I was getting a bit jaded with Facebook groups! Your reminder to be in our hearts has brought back my enthusiasm! I love how generously you shared about creating content and engaging with people too. Thank you!”

Laura Lucas

“There is 110% a BETTER way to make genuine connections and release the resistance to sell without feeling salesy! Debora Luzi shared her own experiences and how she has overcome the FEAR AROUND SELLING which has helped provide clarity to some of my own blocks and negative thoughts I have had about sales in the past. I can't wait to re-watch this masterclass as there was SO much GOLD! The #1 key and takeaway of this course is to remember, as Debora Luzi says "EVERY connection is a seed you plant"”

Christina R.

“I LOVED the masterclass and will watch it again. You did amazing! Thank you.
Thank you for putting your heart and soul into a topic that is so crucial for success done the right way.”

Alison S.
Connections have been key for me and have helped me to grow my business massively.
So, I am ready to guide you through the beauty of connecting and start getting more clients and more opportunities.

In this Connection masterclass you will learn how to:

  • eliminate your fears around connecting
  • create your unique style of connecting to your potential clients or potential collaborators
  • connect with more ease and flow
  • understand the psychology behind connections
  • convert your connections into clients
  • feel relaxed and always know what to say when connecting