Masterclass – How to close sales conversations and overcome objections


Do you want to learn the secret of creating more sales with ease?



You know you need to sell more in your business in order to make money and keep your business open but…
You have no idea how
What you have tried it does not work
You feel jealous when you look at your competitors selling like crazy…..

I hear you and you are certainly not alone on this journey.

There are so many entrepreneurs out there passionate about their business, eager to make it work but who do not have a clue how to sell, propose and overcome many objections and rejections and prospect clients.

There is a way to deal with this. Let me show you how.

Selling does not have to feel like a chore or something daunting, but like utter pleasure and delight knowing that the more you sell the more you serve your purpose.

I received many no’s until I learned how to sell with passion and love and start to receive many yeses from clients I adored working with.

You can have this too.

I created a personalised system that not only will help you to get more yeses but which will help you overcome all these dreading objections you seem to be getting….

  • I overcame every possible objection on the planet, at least once
  • I closed high-end tickets to people who said were not interested
  • I sold my services to people who wanted to sell me their services
I have shared all those secrets in a powerful 3 hours masterclass where you will learn:

  • The energy behind sales conversations
  • How to generate sales conversations with ease
  • How to casually sell even from a connection
  • The dynamics of selling
  • The 6 stages of s sales conversations (no scripts here, just pure understanding of what those stages are)
  • How to prepare for a sale
  • The new reality and truth about objections
  • The masculine and feminine energy in sales
  • How to overcome objections with ease

“Thank you very Much, Debora, for THIS SALES MASTERCLASS. This is the most inspiring sale training I've ever seen. REALLY! I went through a few and all of them have a similar structure, but they haven't got what you have...a soul and marge of feminine and masculine energy and that are where I find it more powerful. The last bit objections were just mind-blowing I never thought about it this WAY. Tomorrow I have a couple of meetings and can't wait to test it out and have fun maybe change someone's life and business for better.”

Beata N.
You would not want to miss this because:

  • You will connect to the power of sales
  • You will start love selling
  • You will have all the tools you need to start selling
  • You will understand what it takes to get a YES
  • You will learn how to overcome objections
  • You will know how your inner world directly reflect your “sales outcome”

This training goes beyond sales techniques and deep into the psychology and dynamics of selling.