Fully own your voice and YOU! Unleash your business magic

A 3-day powerful experience that will teach you to fully own your voice in your business, express your truth in all its beauty and do business entirely from your area of genius

Sell your gifts truly and authentically, not like your coach or statistics tell you to.

I will deliver a powerful one-hour masterclass daily and you will be given a daily task.

I am ready to create magic

We start Monday 15th May until Wednesday 17th May on an exclusive Online group

Do you have enough of not feeling heard online and most of all of not hearing your OWN VOICE?
Do you have enough of toning your whole being down?

Do you know there is so much more creativity and imagination in you, but you do not know how to bring it to the light?

A 3-day live experience to help you fully own your authentic, most expressive, and creative voice and self

Embody your gifts in all their greatness and craziness
Show up powerfully, authentically and unapologetically without fears of judgment and criticism

Enough of hiding behind someone else voice and way of doing business
Enough of tapping into other people possibilities and limit yourself to only what makes sense to your logical mind
Enough of showing up vanilla and not owing your flavours

Enough of toning down your whole being to conform

It is time to OWN who you truly are and do business from it with ease and joy.

Because when you do, everything starts to flow and fall into places.

Showing up and selling will feel so natural to you and in total alignment with your whole being and way of doing business.

There is something that the sale funnels and all the courses will not give you.
And that is your own magic formula to do business thoroughly from YOU and YOUR WHOLE BEING.

It is your own power, conviction and trust in WHO you are and what you sell that creates the MAGIC you desire.

You can put out there the same proven method that your coach put out and getting no results….
Why might this not work for you?

It is time to embody your truth, fully own your message and show up in a way that will shake the online world even if you are an introvert.

It is time to show up and sell your gifts from a place of ease and flow.

This experience is:

  • For you, who feels your business is missing something, for you who have tried all the formulas and copycat methods and templates.
  • For you who are at a crossroad. You are showing up, but nothing is happening as you desire; everything feels forced and hard work
  • For you that try to play safe all the time with your showing up, your offers etc
  • For you that know deep inside that you have not wholly-owned your gifts and yourself because something is holding you back.
  • For you, who is getting comfortable with achieving safe little results

This experience is not for:

  • The person who is not ready to play bigger, to dare a bit more
  • The person who is not prepared to experience new possibilities
  • The person who is perfectly comfortable hiding behind a business persona and is not ready to explore her creativity and uniqueness

The journey I will be taking you onto:

I will guide you to fully embody your voice and your gifts in the most authentic way that feels utterly natural to you. You will be bringing these gifts into your awareness and incorporate them into your business with joy and excitement. ( Each daily masterclass will last about an hour per day and you will get a daily task). You will be able to ask questions and interact.

We will work on the full expression of this embodiment and concretise it in new ideas and possibilities. You will be tapping into a realm of unlimited possibilities for your business that will feel right to you and consequently for your soul clients.

You will learn how to entirely run your business from this new energy and awareness and become a magnetising creator. Creativity and authenticity will become your most powerful tool which you will be able to access anytime.

You will be asked to do different exercises to support the journey I will be guiding you onto fully.

One hour masterclass daily

One daily task to help you to fully OWN your transformation

A private Online Group to get plenty of support and to share your breakthroughs

I never thought my voice had a space in the world. I never thought I even had the right to be heard or be me. I was often judged for my introvert extravagance and different nature.

Your host, in all her flowing and constantly expanding authenticity: Debora Luzi.

Debora grew up in a small village in Italy where being different and think differently was often seen as strange and not appropriate.
Debora often felt an outsider in her body and mind, and she often toned down her whole being to fit in and be liked.
She emigrated to London at the age of 18, trying to escape the conformism box her father wanted her to fit in. Her rebellious nature could no longer be silenced, so running away was her only escape.
Debora travelled to more than 55 countries, often working in many countries to get enough money to get to the other.
She is a seeker, a seeker of truth and a seeker of her own expression.

When she started her own business, she found it challenging at first to own her voice in the online world. She tried to fit in, listen to all her coaches, do what the books said to do, but often things did not work out and only when she would rebel and listen to her whispers, she would find the success she desired.

Debora discovered throughout the years that the only way she could keep showing up was by simply embracing all her gifts, her craziness, her extravagant and creative nature.
Trying to be like the successful Mary never worked for her. And she realised this the moment she longed for the need to be liked and approved by the whole online world.

She still seeks and unfolds her authenticity every day with love, fun, and completely trusting the process.

Your REAL voice, your REAL you are shouting and screaming…..
She wants to be heard
She wants to be seen

She wants to do business from a space of ease, joy and fun.

She wants to ditch the formulas and the masks she has been wearing for fear of not fitting in.

When you market your business from a place of true authenticity,
When you no longer worry about what people say, how people respond, how people react
But you OWN your power and your truth and show up with it unapologetically

Everything starts to flow, to fall into places.

The struggle is over.
The doubts are vanishings.
What you put out there will be so magnetising and powerful that your soul clients will want to be in it instantly.

This 3-day experience is all about embodying that true self, even though you think you are already your true self.

Even the most authentic people on the planet are constantly searching and uncovering more truth and authenticity as they walk their path and release the attachment to the outcome, the response and the judgement.

The path to unfolding your TRUE SELF is not a destination is the journey itself.

The world is WAITING for a FULL you, not for a half version of you.

Are you ready to show up with it and fully embrace your voice and creativity?



I want to embody the FULL ME!