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ARE YOU ready to start attracting clients from left, and right with ease and joy?

Are you ready to feel excited about putting offers out there and selling with joy?

Enough of wishing and hoping that more clients will just appear in your business

Enough of worrying about where your next client will come from

What about if you knew exactly how to start attracting more of the right clients in your business in a way that feels totally YOU?

Let me tell you……There is a way and there is a place where you can get all the guidance and teachings in helping you to become a magnet to your soul, high-paying clients.

“Magnetize your soul, high-end paying clients” an exclusive online program designed to help you turn you into a beautiful client magnet.

Because let’s face it clients are everywhere, and they are most probably waiting for you to SHOW UP!

Let me share with you ALL you need to know in the simplest, most fun and personal way you can possibly imagine.

What I will share is what has helped me sign up clients from anywhere, from online platforms, to groups to Networking events, with ease and joy without feeling I had to work hard for it.

The program focuses on the 1 thing that most entrepreneur finds challenging: signing up recurring high-end paying clients which will allow your Business to grow and make more revenue, regardless of where you are at, at the moment.

The program is for you if you:

  • Want to make a bigger impact and sign more clients on a more consistent basis

  • Want to stop hustling for clients

  • Want to increase your credibility and authority amongst your followers and potential clients

  • Want to create products and services that will sell themselves

  • Want to learn from someone who finds clients at any networking event she goes to and from many different platforms



Energetically prepare to attract your soul clients. We will clear any blockages and fears around selling and set the right energy to become a client magnet.


Identifying the two main factors of client attraction by diving deep into the mind of your soul clients so that it will become easier to target them.


Creation of your ideal offering based on your soul client’s needs. We will explore different offerings and price point and create a proper value ladder that converts.


Defining and sculpting your message and your content strategy to market yourself and your offerings. We will dive deep into converting content writing so that you will know EXACTLY how to sell out your products and services and increase your revenue.


The art of connecting. Learn how to connect effectively to your ideal client based on your client’s needs. We will explore different ways of connecting and breakthrough some beliefs that keep you small and quiet when it comes to connecting to your soul clients.


Deep dive into the dynamics of selling. We will explore how to propose the sale, how to overcome objections and close the sale with potential clients WITH EASE.


Planning of a strategy for the next 6 months based on content creation, sales and increasing your authority, so that you will always be the obvious choice in your industry.

The program is a recorded online program with 13 videos to watch and 6 workbooks with a BONUS video and Workbook on How to sell successfully.

Also, you will be added to a dedicated online group where you can ask any questions about the program and where you can do the tasks assigned throughout the program.

TESTIMONIALS for my work:

Yes. it gave me a plan and clarity on what I need to do to get my message out there and get engagement/leads

Susanne W.

I filled up 2 of my group programs

Sharon E.

I filled 4 out of 5 spaces of my offer in 20 minutes of putting it out there

Ruth B.

The gentle kick ass mentor you want by your side! I have grown so much following hear lead and I am ever so grateful for the immense amount of value, love and spirit she brings every time

Vera J.

Since working with Debora I have made progress in ways I did not think were possible. Her energy is amazing. I now have 5 paying members in my membership, I have signed up 3 people to a retreat and have one new long-term client. I sold 4 coaching packages in the space of a week, and I am brim FULL of ideas on how to continue to move forward.

Alison S.


43% OFF



ARE you READY to become a magnet to your soul clients?

I am 100% IN!