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A 4-week magnetizing journey to uplevel your social media game, optimise your online presence, craft your magnetic message, and create a social media strategy that works for you and your design.


Social media is the best marketing platform of our current time.

Through my strong social media presence I started to share my message and made myself

The go-to person for content creation

Filled my challenges and programs and my live events

Signed up 1-1 clients without going on sales conversations

And I grew my confidence massively and I overcame all my stories about being not good enough and having nothing to share.

  • Do you think that social media is too much work?

  • Do you feel confused about what to post and not to post?

  • Do you have no idea how to set your authority, create more engagement, let alone sell your beautiful offers through the power of social media?

I am so happy you are reading these words as I am here to teach you how to use Social media to grow your business, attract clients and sell your offers in the most exciting, fun and passionate way, even if you are an introvert.

Many of my clients are introverts and we have designed a special strategy just for them, which works wonders

I just did a post as you suggested and I filled up my offer

Teresa F

Your style and content is a game-changer


MAGNETIC is our new exciting 4-week interactive online group program where you will learn to:

  • Set up powerful, profitable profiles on your social media channels of choice. You need to think that your profile is like a window shop which needs to constantly bring new people into our world. I will teach you how, and you will love it, I know, because all my students love it!
  • Craft a super exciting message that resonates with your audience and that will make them fully engage with your offers, as they will know instantly that what you are offering is for them
  • How to craft your social media strategy based on your intentions, design and time available. I do not believe in a one-fits-all strategy. Including my creative selling strategies which will make you fall in love with selling.
  • How to create super engaging content in the blink of an eye. I will teach you over 30 different types of content which you can create and rotate into different platforms. How to create content for your sales strategies.


A 4-week magnetizing journey to uplevel your social media game, optimise your online presence, craft your magnetic message, and create a social media strategy that works for you and your design.

Join us at the Pre-Sale Price extended until 31st December 2023


Full price £1,111


WE START the Program JANUARY 2024

For a great start of the year.


  • Full magnetic program
  • Plus a 1-1 tailored 60 minutes content and sales strategy sessions with Debora worth over £400
  • Daily individual voxer to support you on your journey and help you grow even further with personalised guidance, for the duration of the program
    ( worth £900)
  • Only 3 more available.

Pay in Full

£1,333  instead of £1,777 

Payment plan

£457 monthly for 3 months


Full Magnetic program
Plus MAGNETIC VIP support

12 months support in our Inner circle The Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs, with two live calls a month, monthly training , content strategies sessions and a library of training on content, sales, energetics and more. 

£1,777 instead of £3,111


3 payment of £604


Who is this program for

You who is trying to understanding the Social Media Matrix but have not had much luck and feels completely exhausted from posting


You who is ready to make a bigger impact and sell more of your offers with ease and a strategy that works just for you


You that has already some success on social media but would like to increase your impact and income


You that is just tiptoeing into social media and do not have much idea where to start and what to do to create a strong presence and sell socially


You who is ready to rinse and repeat offers with ease


You who is ready for your offers to become magnetic online


YOUR HOST in all her creative and Daring energy

Debora is a word lover and word alchemist, mama to three boys and a passionate daring woman.

She is a twice best selling author and the creator of various projects including the Women Who Dare to Desire conference and the Daring Woman networking events. Debora is a Manifestign Generator 3/ 5 and deeply aware that not one strategy can fits all. Debora has a vey unique, fun and creative approach and she has helped hundreds of women through her live events, programs and conference to own their voice, who they fully are and sell their gifts online and onstage.
Debora is also a Reiki Master, Theta Healer practitioner, Past Life regression practitioner, Chakra and crystal healer and a passionate students of Human Design and Gene Keys teachings.

She infused all her skills and experience into ther teachings, making it very unique, intuitive and spiritual.
From 0 following and a lot of fear around not being able to fully express herself in the English Language, Debora went to create a solid online presence with over 10,000 loyal followers. She has created and sold any ideas that came to her mind and she is here to teach other women how to share their gifts in a way that feels exciting, fun and innovative.

The program consist of:

3 modules

How to create a solid Social medi presence with Personalised Profile Optimization and visibilities strategies
Magnetic message and offer message. Become specific with your message in order to attract the right soul clients who are ready to say yes!
Content creation to maximise engagement and sales

2 implementation days

These will be a very hands-on practice session where we will build your profile together, maximise it, add your powerful magnetic message and create engaging content

Practice exercises

Plus BONUS session

Create content by Design, learn how to maximize your Human Design profile to create your unique content based on your skills and genius.

Tap into the limitless power and magnetism of social media to create a greater impact and attract the clients you desire

Have you been feeling frustrated about the whole social media game?
You know that social media and an online presence are the way, but you have no idea what to post, what to say, and most of all, how to sell through social media.

It is time to change all this and learn a powerful and magnetising way to grow your business, impact and income through social media.


WE START the Program JANUARY 2024

For a great start of the year.


Social Media works!

And you can have a lot of fun too, when you tap into your real essence and gifts.

4 PLUS interactive weeks together to:

  • Find your unique and magnetizing style on social media
  • Define your message so as to make it fully resonate with the soul clients you desire to attract
  • Optimise your social media profile to bring you leads and clients every day
  • Create magnetising content that converts ( we will dive deep into different types of content)
  • Enough of throwing arrows everywhere and not hitting ANY targets.
  • Enough of endlessly posting such generic, lifeless content on social media that speaks to no one.
  • Enough of investing in 100 FREE programs and freebie that only gives you generic ideas and that does not help you TAP into your OWN GENIUS
  • Enough of people not getting what you do and buying from other people in your niche.
  • Enough of fearing the sale, holding back and feeling uncomfortable around selling.
  • It is time YOU TAP into your own SELLING power and start attracting beautiful SOUL clients through your power and the power of YOUR WORDS!
  • Your soul has been waiting for this moment! I knwo because mine was waiting too!