A FREE 3 day live experience to help you successfully launch and sell out your idea.

Monday 28th of February to Wednesday 2nd of March 2022

3 days together to unleash the magic and ease of launching any offers in a way that feels easy and very personal to you and that attracts many clients.

“How do I launch?

What is a launch?

Launching feels so scary!

I launched once, and I felt exhausted!

Launching is only for people with big audiences and lots of team help!

How do I even get people to sign up? “

We start Monday 28th February 2022

In an exclusive group

Are these the monkey voices lurking in your head when it comes to launching?

So many entrepreneurs do not sell enough because they avoid launching altogether.

Because it feels too scary

They have no idea how to do it

They lack the knowledge and resources to do it

They think it is exhausting.

I felt exactly like that. So I would avoid launching altogether and trying to sell only on sales conversations which felt exhausting.

Launching is a fantastic way to sell to many people simultaneously and get your audience to know you a bit more.

I now genuinely love launching. But it was not always like that.

I had to find my own rhythm and launch in a way that felt good and expansive to me.

I never feel exhausted after a launch; my energy is super high during a launch, and when I finish one, I cannot wait for the next one.

Launches can be effortless if you only understand their dynamics.

I am going to share three of the most important “Launch” principles in this 3 LIVE FREE day experience “I Love Launching”.

You will ultimately fall in love with launching and feeling excited to promote your offers to your audience

You will understand the different stages of a launch and embody the right energy you need to have to make the whole process smooth and successful.

You will feel motivated to launch and ready to go!

You will understand the different types of content to write on social media and email during your launch.

You will feel motivated to launch and ready to go and inspire millions with your attractive offers.

This is the journey I will be taking you onto:

I Love Launching ✑ I Love Launching ✑ 

I Love Launching ✑ I Love Launching ✑ 

I Love Launching ✑ I Love Launching ✑ 

I Love Launching ✑ I Love Launching ✑ 

I Love Launching ✑ I Love Launching ✑ 

I Love Launching ✑ I Love Launching ✑ 

I Love Launching ✑ I Love Launching ✑ 

I Love Launching ✑ I Love Launching ✑ 


We set the foundations. We look at the offers to launch and all the logistics around creating a launch.


It’s all about the energy. How to keep your energy high during a launch and how to establish your vital “launch energy”.


It’s all about the content. We will cover the different types of content to use during the launch to have your audience say ‘YES” to your offers with ease.

Your host in all her daramazing launch energy:

Debora is a passionate entrepreneur founder of the Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs, a private, premium, and global online community that teaches entrepreneurs how to sell and impact through the power of content.

Debora has successfully launched many services and offers since day 1. From healing packages to 1-1, meditations and group programs and so did her clients. 

Debora has a unique and creative approach to launching that focuses not only on the strategy but also on the energetics of content and the power of intuition. 

I guarantee you after this free training you will want to launch all the time and indeed fall in love with it because you realise how easy it can be.

Are you ready to “I Love Launching”?

It is time to take away all the stress and fear around launching and show the world the fantastic offers you have created.

I Love Launching