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How to write magnetising content with ease –
5 mesmerising secrets


Learn to fall in love with writing content for your business with ease and joy and magnetise your clients to you and your offers.

How would it feel to wake up in the morning and always know what content to post?
How would it feel to have your creativity entirely switched on and words flowing out of you like a river on the riverbank?

Just imagine!

No more headaches, no more hiding because words and ideas are constantly available to you.

BEING in that FLOW completely changed my life and my business.

And I desire that for you too. 

I am delivering a FREE TRAINING on Wednesday 18th August at 8 pm BST on:

How to write magnetising content - 5 mesmerising secrets

SI, SI, pen is ready!

Your host, Debora Luzi, in all magnetising energy.

Debora started to write diaries at the age of 8. She discovered a big passion for writing, and her diaries soon became her best friends. She would often write to escape to imaginary worlds as the one she was living in was not her favourite.

She was rather shy, and she believed that her writing and voice had no space in the world. Her writing was often dismissed, considered too imaginative or too informal.

When she started her journey as an entrepreneur, Debora found it hard to fit in, to find her voice and fully show up in her true colours. The online world looked so daunting to her, especially as an Italian whose mother tongue was not English.

Debora started to show up, write, to fully voice her desire and passion for her work, one step at a time. Finally, the world began to notice. Scared and excited at the same time, she decided to open ” The writing academy for Entrepreneurs’ the only online community focused on content creation to help hundreds of entrepreneurs to own their writing voice and their creativity fully.

She is also the author of “Writing Inspiration for Entrepreneurs – 55 and 1 content ideas turn your words into sales”.

In this training, I will be sharing:

How to write in total flow

How to create content out of thin air

How to sell through your words in a way that feels natural and aligned to you

5 of the most essential principles to write content that turns heads and attracts clients like a magnet

What not to write when it comes to making your words magnetising

Are you ready to write as if no one is watching?

Are you ready to show up fully and passionately for your audience and share your beautiful gifts with the world?

When I started to do it, everything changed for so many of my clients and me.

The world is craving to hear from you.
The world desires for you to show up and write….

Because if you don’t……people will not find you.

What they say:

Dear Debora - You have pressed the button that has activated my writing voice at last; you are the magic wand that's asked the writing pieces of me to re-arrange into something that connects to my passion, my essence and my true voice. I feel so much real JOY - Thank you.

Angela Jane D.

Debora Luzi I done it yesterday
And another successful post so much engagement.

Monika M.

Grab a pen, and let’s fall in love with writing.

I want to write magnetising WORDS

Grab a pen, and let’s fall in love with writing.