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How to ditch the writer’s block in 3 simple ways

Before talking about dealing with writer’s block, let me shed some light on what a writer’s block actually is and does it really exist?

What might come to your mind is the idea that big rock is obstructing a small passageway in your brain through which you receive thoughts and words.

Your brain is blocked so no ideas are coming through and you are short of words, short of ideas when you sit down and try to write content for your social media channels, complete a chapter of your book or write an article for a magazine.

If writing is something crucial in your business, you must know how to deal with those big rocks when they come and obstruct your brain.

The reasons why we can become stuck when it comes to writing can be many. The most common ones are tiredness, fatigue, stress and overthinking.

Yes, overthinking is something that can freeze people when it comes to writing. The mind starts overthinking, doubts itself over ideas, confuses itself and in the chaos of too much thinking and shuts down.

Another significant cause for writer’s block is perfectionism. The need to be perfect, to write a spotless piece is often making people not to write at all. So many writers put themselves under pressure when it comes to writing. This might be because they are a perfectionist in their life or because of their audience’s expectations which they inflict in themselves.

I genuinely believe that the world could have so many more writers, and more beautiful books if it weren’t for the need to be perfect.

Whatever the reasons for writer’s block, let me share a few ideas with you on how you can overcome it and get back to a smooth writing flow.

First thing first, it is essential to look at the language you use every day around the writer’s block. Are you often calling yourself out about it, talking to people about it, convincing yourself that you are not writing because of it or using it as an excuse because you cannot face staring at a blank page?

I believe that people create their own reality through the words they use and the things they are saying about themselves. If someone keeps repeating to themselves that they have a writer’s block, the brain is probably going to start to believe it.

The solution is to be very careful about the language you use, and I suggest writing on small post notes, which you can stick anywhere in the house or in your books, short empowering sentences. These could be “Words flow easily through me” “I always know what to write about” which can be repeated out loud daily. These mantras can work wonders and can help the brain to start believing in them.

The second thing is to find a quiet place to silence the mind to allow it to listen to new ideas and new inspirations. Our mind is so busy processing all the millions of information that we receive every day. Imagine the mind as a big depot where all the data needs to be stored. When we have too many daily inputs, such as all the daily adverts, social media content, articles and conversations, the depot starts to feel overwhelmed and confused. A big queue starts to form that no more ideas can get through.

As a result, all this outside information turns into a big loud noise. When this happens, all you probably want to do is run away and forget about writing. The best thing to do is find a quiet place to reset your mind, listen to some relaxing music, or stare at a candle burning. As your mind starts to reset and delete all the daily inputs slowly, it will create more space for new fresh ideas.

Lastly but not least, closing the eyes and stopping controlling the flow of words is such an important step. Often people get stuck on a particular word or a particular subject not allowing other possible ideas to come through. When this happens, it is important to distract yourself, choosing a random word you hear, or a word that represents an object near you, and start writing about it without any expectations or agenda. Accept any ideas that come through your mind and start writing as if no one is watching.

Writer’s block will become a thing of the past, and words will start flowing again.

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