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Are you READY to:

• become crystal clear on your message so that your clients can immediately identify with it?

• create powerful irresistible offers that will make your clients rush for the buy now button?

• finally, create a clear social media content plan for the next 6 months that will bring you clients and money?


Let’s do it.

I don’t need to read more. I WANT this!

Imagine being crystal clear on your message, creating offers that sell with ease and having a clear plan on how to market them without having to worry about how to sell your services every single waking day?

Awwwww! That sounds like heaven, right?
Surely it is.

One of the main reasons why many entrepreneurs, and probably you, do not sell enough in their business is because of a lack of clarity on their message and a clear strategy on how to sell and market their products and services.

Having a clear and specific message which feels 100% You is key in attracting the right people to you and having them buy from you all the time.

I often see so much vagueness around people’s message. Their message is so general, that does not mean anything to the people who read it and it does not hit home or create a positive “YES” reaction.

Consequently, a “no clear message” generates vague offers where the reader does not understand what they are buying and how it would benefit them.

This is real!
And it is happening in the online and offline world every single day.

I remember that day when I posted an offer in my group, many years ago and someone commented “Debora, what is that you are actually selling?


What a wakeup call, that was.

If your audience is not clear on your message and on what you are selling, they are confused and will definitely not buy.

Working on my message clarity and the clarity of my offerings became a priority for me.

And this has now become my number ONE Passion and MISSION:

Helping entrepreneurs just like you to nail their message and offerings and to make a plan both STRATEGIC and INTUITIVE on how to market these offers through content.


Let me bring to you a DARAMAZING LIVE 5-WEEK Group Program :



We start Tuesday 12th January 2021

The most powerful and intimate online container for the ones who are READY to step up, own their gifts, increase their capacity to receive and fall in love with selling in a way that feels totally YOU!

  • Enough of throwing arrow everywhere and not hitting ANY targets.
  • Enough of endlessly posting on social media such a generic, lifeless content that speaks to no one.
  • Enough of investing in 100 of FREE programs and freebie that only gives you generic ideas and that does not help you TAP into your OWN GENIUS
  • Enough of people not getting what you do and so buying from other people in your niche.
  • Enough of fearing the sale, holding back and feeling uncomfortable around selling. It is time YOU TAP into your own SELLING power and start attracting beautiful SOUL client through your power and the power of YOUR WORDS!

What you will be learning on this workshop:

  • WEEK 1: We will work on your core messaging following Debora’s unique methodology which encompasses 7 main components and a structure to identify specific language with which delivering the messageWEEK 2: Defining and creating core offers, both paid and free. We will look at the current offers if any, and see how they can be improved, modified to make sure they are well received by your audience and sold with ease.

    WEEK 3: Defining and creating a precise language around your message and your offerings. Debora will be teaching you some very fundamental principles to be creative, and versatile with your content language so that you can reproduce it by yourself with ease and fun without the need for templates.

    WEEK 4: Social media audit. We will focus on one or two social media platforms and optimise it entirely so to make sure that your followers know exactly who you are and what you offer. We will be looking at ways to increase the engagement and make your profile do the work for you and bring you, clients.

    WEEK 5: We will create a very detailed strategic plan which will leave plenty of space for your intuition to work its magic. We will start a content plan week by week focused at selling your offers and consolidating your presence and authority online.
    BONUS: Debora will deep dive into the PSYCHOLOGY of SELLING covering archetypes, buying behaviours and the “power sale mindset” you need to ditch the fear of selling and INCREASE your CAPACITY TO RECEIVE MORE SALES through powerful energetic work.

    WEEK 6: BONUS WEEK. Follow up consolidation session after two weeks the program has ended. We will look at what you have implemented, what works and what doesn’t, make the necessary adjustments and make sure you are on track with all the learning and have a solid plan in place to sell your offers.


Daramazing Investment of £222

What they say:

No-brainer investment of £222