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Limitless Launches 2.0

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An 9-week group program where you will learn to:

  • Create the most spectacular and life-changing offer that light you up and set your heart on fire
    Work on the negative voices you tell yourself about launches, and selling
  • Create a fun and exciting plan to launch your offer, including social media posts and sales pages
  • Keep the energy high during your launches and make sure you step into this energy of ease and joy
  • Detach from the outcome and allow masculine and feminine energy to sync for the whole duration of the launch
  • Create an enrolment system that feels easy depending on your schedule
  • Understand all the systems you need and be able to sort out all the tech issues and drama
  • How to get all those yeses and bring in the right people that are a full match to you and your offer
  • How to rinse and repeat the process for any other offer you will create in the future.

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