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From content to cash
5 Day LIVE Content Writing Experience

The ultimate 5-day content writing experience that will help you to:

  • Attract only the right clients that are eager to work with you and resonate with your work
  • Fall in love with writing for your business, and create a beautiful ripple effect with your work
  • Never run out of content ideas – even if you try!
  • Stand out from the crowd like snow white in a forest full of dwarfs
  • Sell your products and services without getting on sales calls or smelling of desperation
  • Build a deep connection with your audience that triggers brand loyalty

We start Monday 20th June 2022

For one time only fee of £27/$35 join us every time we will run it, again and again if you wish

Oh yes… am IN!

Your host, in all of her “daramazing” energy:

Debora Luzi, the Daring Inner Voice Mentor, passionate about teaching entrepreneurs how to speak and write their truest most authentic voice so that their clients can find them and choose them. She is the founder of The Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs, a supportive and educative online community which helps entrepreneurs fall in love with writing for their businesses and make money from it.

Debora is the words’ lover, passionate about teaching how the right content can help entrepreneurs grow their businesses. From 0 following and no idea how to show up, Debora went to get noticed very quickly in the crazy online crowd and sell out her products and services by using ONLY the power of creative content.

If you:

  • Only hear crickets when you put your content out there
  • Get no responses when you make an offer for a product or service
  • Cannot find a way to create deeper connections with your audience
  • Would rather bury your head in the sand than write content for your business

then this creative and innovative challenge is for you, even if you think you are a bad writer, or you hate writing.

There is a writing genius in all of YOU, it is time to let it out!

I will deliver daily content based on 5 different writing personalities and I will give you a daily writing task.


Be ready to go on an inner, “wordy” journey to help you:

Find your inner writing voice

Become more confident when posting online

Own your story in the most natural and empowering way

Connect to your audience at a deeper level that will make them always choose you



Every day we will release a 10 minutes video with the daily teachings and an explanation of the writing prompt which you can write in your own time

Every night we will go live for live Q&A to answer any questions you may have and deliver lots of golden nuggets

We will also have a final Pen party where we will write together and have an amazing giveaway

You do not need to do everything, only the daily video and prompts will be sufficient for you to experience amazing shifts within yourself

Here is the journey I will take you into in more details:


Deep dive into finding your real voice and writing style so as to stand out and have your content noticed all the time. Plus a bonus: writing genius meditation.


The art of deep connections – Discover how to share your story in the right way so as to build meaningful connections which will lead to your audience choosing you all the time when it comes to buying your services.


How to generate content with ease even if you do not think you are creative and do not have much time daily.


The different types of content creation that will make your audience ready to say yes! and eagerly looking for the button “buy now”!


Selling with words, a deep dive into the art of persuasions.

What they say:

Debora Luzi I done it yesterday
And another successful post so much engagement.

Monika M.

Wohooo! Yes, it’s not just a writing challenge. It’s transformation, a shift that you are offering. Certainly shook me up and also got me inflow.

Deborah M.

Dear Debora - You have pressed the button that has activated my writing voice at last; you are the magic wand that's asked the writing pieces of me to re-arrange into something that connects to my passion, my essence and my true voice. I feel so much real JOY - Thank you.

Angela Jane D.

From content to cash
5 Day LIVE Content Writing Experience