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Content Magic

Attract your beautiful soul clients with ease and unleash your potent inner, creative writer
in 31 days

Content Magic, is an innovative writing journey with daily writing ideas, content planning and content training

Give me the MAGIC WAND! I am READY!

Become a WORD Magician and learn how to turn your words into sales with ease, fun and creativity

Imagine waking up every morning knowing there is a place where you can go to get your creative flow activated.

Imagine being guided by a word magician to start trusting your intuition and producing daily content that will turn heads and attract many of your beautiful soul clients.

Imagine being able to plan your weekly content and learn how to naturally write for your business with ease, creativity and flow.

  • Enough of using all the copycat templates you can find on the internet

  • Enough of saying to yourself you are a terrible writer and not creative at all

  • Enough of hearing crickets from your content

  • Enough of not showing up at all because you have no idea what to write about

It is time you unleash that LIMITLESS source of content ideas that are already in you while positively impacting the world and selling your products and services without headaches and head squeezes.

Become more visible

Get more engagement

Sell more

Let me invite you into a magical writing journey where you will learn to:

  • trust and access your limitless creative writing power
  • create content ideas out of thin air
  • understand the dynamics, energy and psychology behind content creation
  • plan your content both intuitively and strategically
  • increase your engagement
  • learn how to sell with your content

Content Magic

is a 31-day content writing journey for your business, delivered directly to your mobile every day.

Give me the MAGIC Debora!

31 magic prompts for you to use in your own social media content

All the prompts will help you to build the connection, trust and authority you need for your audience to start loving you and investing in you.

The course includes:

31 Creative and effective content ideas to help you sell your offer, delivered to you daily on your phone, through a telegram channel
Creativity and Visibility Activation
Unlimited access to the content 
Content training:
1)How to plan your monthly and weekly content- a blend of intuition and strategies (worth £97)

You will have Lifetime access to the online program 

Join Now for only: £33/$41

We start Monday 19th June 2023

I feel the MAGIC already!

Frequently asked questions

I am totally new to social media, is this good for me?

Totally yes as this will be your motivation to start in the right way, showing up with meaning and impact.

I am already posting, but I do not get much engagement and clients from my content. Is this the right thing for me?

This is perfect for you. All the daily prompts are designed in a way to help you boost your visibility and credibility and to help you sell your products and services through your content.

How are the prompts delivered?

All the prompts will be sent to your mobile through a dedicated telegram channel

What if I skip a few prompts and lose the flow?

You do not need to do all the daily prompts. These will be a guide and you can mix and match them with your own idea.