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3 keys to unlock your content magnetism, heal your visibility wounds and attract YES! clients

Free Experience

📅 From Monday 16th May to Wednesday 18th May

Join this spectacular online event to celebrate the 4th Birthday of The Writing Academy for Entrepreneurs

This free event will be a feast of learning, new ideas, ah ah moments, exciting growth and DEEP healing. 


Do you struggle to own your voice online and be visible?

Are you feeling lost when it comes to creating content?

Do you wish you could show up with ease online and write magnetising content without spending hours on the computer?

Content is Queen!

No matter how much you try to avoid it,
Being Visible and creating Content will help you build your audience
Sell your beautiful products and services and
Grow an unshakeable confidence

It is time to take your space in the world, own your voice and own who you are and what you do.

It is time to heal all the beliefs you have around showing up, not being good enough and not feeling safe around being seen.

These are just stopping your success and jeopardising how you show up online every day.


What if you could finally feel confident and eager when showing up online?


What if ideas were flowing to you like rivers?


What if people would start to notice you, feel your confidence and resonate with your message?


Wouldn’t your mission and your purpose feel so worthwhile?

I am ready Debora

In this daramazing free event, we will cover 3 vital keys to unlock your content magnetism, heal your wounds and fears around being seen and start to attract more people to you:

  • How to find your writing voice, how to own it and show up with it
  • The energy of content includes unblocking your creativity and unstuck energy in the throat chakra, your centre of authenticity and truth.
  • A deep dive into sale content. How to create it, use it, and make it irresistible.
  • The principles of magnetising content, the do and don’t, and how to create your own content strategy.


  • BONUS :
  • Group Healing Session to heal your VISIBILITY WOUNDS
  • A fantastic prize draw throughout and fun competition.


This is for you if:

You know content is essential for your business, but you avoid creating it and avoid showing up online because you fear being seen and judged
You have fears about being good enough; you compare your content to this of others and think you have nothing new to say.
You struggle to find your own voice online.
You are unsure about what to post and how to sell online.
You post sporadically without a specific intention or strategy.

It’s time to sweep away these beliefs and struggles and give way to a new era of confident, exciting and joyful content writing

It’s time to be noticed online.

It’s time to start attracting many more clients to you and your offers.

It is 1000% possible even if you think you are not creative or have tried it before and if you dread being seen.

I have made hundreds of my students fall in love with writing content, owning their voice and start selling with ease and confidence.


It’s your turn daring soul.

Oh yes! I desire my FREE seat!

Showing up online will feel safe and exciting and writing content will become your second nature.

Your clients will start noticing and saying YES!