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A 3 day journey to tap into your most magnetic branding persona, market with a super attractive and specific message and be highly compensated for simply being you and sell your exciting offers

CHOOSE YOU, become THE ONE, your clients will CHOOSE!

We start Monday 17th of June.

Book your Seat for £88 till 17th June

Then £111

Si Bella, I am In!

Do you feel there is more to you, your business, your offers?

Have you reached a plateau in your business where you feel you lost a sense of direction and who you are?

Are you secretly watching other business owners and wish you could “ Get it” like they do?

You might have had some success, but things are no longer moving?

I hear you, the noise is too loud out there in the Social media World.

One person tells you to do it this way, the other that their method is the best, the other that you need to show up in a certain way.

While these truths are working for many people, they might not work for you as we are not all the same. The more we conform, the more we pretend to be someone we are not, the harder it will be to show up with exciting content, create attractive offers and sell.

It is time to welcome the flowing, exciting, passionate version of you, ready to create and market her gifts from joy, love, creativity

It is time to promote your business from your limitless creative source, where words flow easily, showing up is simple.

It is time to CHOOSE all of you, all that you are, to embody your trues most potent and BOLDER version of you who is ready to take actions and create from FLOW, so that you will become the CHOSEN ONE!

Creating offers set your heart on fire
Selling feels exciting, expansive and empowering

Tap into your unlimited, innate charisma

Be chosen for simply being you
Get highly compensated for sharing your gifts with the world

There is an innate power deep within you ready to come out, to serve the world, to express itself to create beautiful masterpieces that are needed and wanted by your most aligned clients.

You just need to unleash it, trust it and let it guide you.

I am ready Debora

In this daramazing event, we will tap into your most charismatic branding persona, market with a super attractive and specific message, and be highly compensated for simply being you and selling your exciting offers.



  • DAY 1
  • The essence of you. How to tap onto your charismatic blueprint which is UNIQUE to you and exactly what your clients want to see, hear and be with.


  • DAY 2
  • Create the most aligned and exciting offers, which will lighten your heart and those of your clients. Look outside the box and create offers unique to you, which will become super easy to promote

Exercise 2: THE CREATION

  • DAY 3
  • The Social Media Game. An exploration of how to use social media to sell your offers on repeat.

Exercise 3: THE MAGIC

  • Plus BONUS “ Charisma and Power Activation”

  • Live Q&A with Debora Luzi

Debora’ s experiences are highly interactive and life-changing

Each day she will guide you to do a super potent exercise which will help you to fully embody the energy of this experience.