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I always thought that my voice did not count, that my opinion was not necessary and that everyone else knew better than me!

It is incredible what we come to believe about yourself and how much courage it takes to break through all the walls that we build throughout our early life.

Maybe I partly made that decision one day when I took all my courage, cleared my voice and confronted my father for his drinking.

I was sweating, I was shaking, I only wanted to stand up for my mother and our family, but I was silenced and considered silly.

I started to go inwards and write. Writing diaries was my way of escaping to an imaginary, positive world as the one I was living in was not very colourful and fun for a young girl.

Writing had become my saviours, the place where I could freely speak my truth without being judged, without being hurt or hurt others.

I always struggled to speak my truth that I used to lose my voice at least 4/5 times a year.

There were so many unspoken words, unspoken desires inside of me, that losing my voice was their way of rebelling against my silence.

I would not listen for a very long time. Not listening took me through a terrible divorce where Debora was burying all those feelings and words a bit deeper and deeper.

The pen became my best friend, the witness of beautiful thoughts and opinion.
Even though I loved writing, I never believed in being a good writer. People often dismissed my writing, considered it too informal or too imaginative, and often marked it with 4.5 marks.

It took me so much courage, self-believe and healing to finally speak up and own MY TRUE VOICE and the opinionated person I am.

It took hundreds of writing attempts, hiding behind a website, deleting comments on social media and banging my head on the wall, until I realise that my VOICE and MY OPINION matters and that the world NEEDS to hear it!

I started to show up on social media with my real, authentic and colourful voice. I began to speak my mind, be the sarcastic and funny Debora I have always been.

I no longer focused on the spelling mistakes but on the lives of the people I would change with my message, and this is when the magic started to happen!

My content became magnetising; my content started to motivate and inspire hundreds, thousands of people out there who were going through the same journey.

My content started to sell my products and services for me.

Words were flowing to me every day. My intuition started to get super excited and give me so many ideas, inspirations as I trusted it more and more and silenced my negative voices.

I feel so blessed that life has chosen this path for me, after many falls, failures, disbelieves I no longer have fear and shame around speaking up, writing and saying what I think.

I have been given this gift and I know that it is my biggest mission to give their voice back to anyone who has lost it.

And as a woman faithful to my desires, I kept that promise.

And here I am, now running a business I utterly adore, helping women to create and grow a business they truly love by following their passion and purpose, by showing up big, creating their very own magnetising content and owning their gifts.

Business is like a spiritual journey, the most intense, rewarding and challenging journey as every day we need to deal with our fears and limitations. Every day we need to confront our old self in order to move forward and keep walking.

I had many difficult moments in this journey: lack of support from close friends and family, days when I had no money in my account, days I wanted to give up as everything looked dark……but I kept walking, believing in what I was doing, believing in myself and in the message I had to deliver. I could not stay in the dark because of some limitations and deprive hundreds, thousands of women on the same journey, of my help and support.

And I am still going…..and I always will!
Because my desires are bigger than my fears.

My heart burst with joy when one more person in this world is finally trusting their WORDS and their VOICE as a consequence of what I do. Simply DARAMAZING!

Much daring love to you,